Achieving God’s Vision

Four Keys To Attain His Vision For Your Life

Achieving God’s Vision: Four Keys to Attain His Vision for Your Life is a Christian business book for students, young adults, new entrepreneurs or almost anyone wanting to know God’s original intent, purpose, calling, and vision for their lives. This book will mentor you step by step on how to discover and achieve God’s vision for your life.

Heaven’s Rain Devotional

52 Weeks Of Soaking In The Peace Of God

Heaven’s Rain Devotional is a 52 weeks journey of soaking in the peace and presence of God. Read, meditate, declare, and obey the Scripture verse and devotional article for seven days until you are marinated in the Word of God. As you experience God’s Word, voice, will, ways, and love, you will be attuned to His presence, anointing, and intimacy. Take this journey NOW.

How To Hire The Best Online Freelancer

You may be a new small business owner who is a bit overwhelmed with your new home business. Since you have a limited budget, you need guidance on how to hire the best and the right online freelancers to assist you in your small business.

10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Self-Publishing Your Book

Thinking of writing your own book and self-publishing it? Self-publishing guides are all over the place and what you need is a book that can teach you how to avoid the pitfalls in self-publishing.