10 Pitfalls To Avoid In Self-Publishing Your Book

Thinking of writing your own book and self-publishing it? Self-publishing guides are all over the place and what you need is a book that can teach you how to avoid the pitfalls in self-publishing books.

I have been there. After self-publishing four books, I have made so many mistakes in the process.

This eBook will teach aspiring self-published authors on the mistakes they can avoid to succeed on self-publishing on Amazon.

Self-publishing Kindle has techniques and parameters so that your books are optimized in search rankings and properly marketed.

Self-published eBooks help educate and train people about anything under the sun.

If you want to avoid the mistakes I have committed in self-publishing and succeed in this field, then this is the book for you.

With this eBook,

  • You can jumpstart your self-publishing business and start writing your eBooks for fun, enjoyment, and money making endeavor.
  • You can start writing and self-publishing eBooks every day or every week, the choice is yours.
  • You can save money, time, and resources in learning the techniques unleashed in this eBook.
  • You can start writing and self-publishing even without a degree, experience, or training.

Imagine learning the secrets of self-publishing and experiencing the writer’s life – flexible working hours and taking your business with you wherever you go.

You can even help many people through your books and uplift their quality of life.