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Kavod Self-Publishing

By using a Christian self-publisher, your story or book will be published and marketed effectively to the right audience and you will be given a voice to transform your sphere of influence.

This is the major arm of Kavod Christian business. Kavod is a Digital Self-Publisher. I provide people with data and information. I can write, collect or compile my own info or that which you produce. The data can be printed, on tape, CD or published through the internet. Self-publishers are sellers or marketers of information.

Do you have a story to tell  or a life testimony that will glorify God and transform lives? Perhaps, you have an idea or topic that you want me to write and publish about or you have a ready material for review, editing, polishing, and publishing?

I am a writer who self-publishes but do publish other clients’ books, data, lists, and materials as well.

  • eBooks
  • newsletters
  • training manuals
  • Bible study curricula
  • how to and guide eBooks

All Christian themes and genre in digital or electronic formats.


Kavod Copywriting

As a Christian copywriter, your product and business will increase sales and conversions through words that sell.

Copywriting is different from copyright. Copywriting  is using words that sell and market while copyright is your intellectual property right (IPR), patent or trademark to protect your work from piracy.

Christian Copywriting is a gift not only to sell Christian products and services but to assist Christian organizations and ministries to evangelize and lead the lost to God and compel fellow believers to do the same and love God wholeheartedly.

  • Direct Response Sales Letters – long and short form
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Contents
  • Video Sales Letter scripts
  • Copywritten Social Media
  • Newsletters

Kavod Marketing

As a Christian Digital Marketer, your book, product, service, church, organization, ministry will be marketed well online through proven and time-tested methods that deliver results.

I market books, products, and services through a comprehensive online marketing strategy. I use SEO copywriting, email marketing, article marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing integrated to produce the highest results.

How important is marketing for a Christian book, product, service or organization? Without results-driven marketing, they remain hidden, untapped, unknown, and unable to fulfill their highest objective to boost sales and spread God’s word to the lost.

Imagine being able to offer what you have to the world that can transform even just one person. What a better place the world would be if you’re transforming tens of thousands of lives by marketing your book, product, service, and organization!

The Christian niche or market is different from all other niches. You will be able to speak in the language of the Christian target audience effectively if you work with a Christian service provider.


Kavod Public Relations

As a new Christian Publicist, you are guaranteed control in your messaging with all Christian clients to reflect the right Christian image, increase product sales, boost productivity levels, and build a credible Christian reputation.

Public Relations mean all of the communications with regards to an organization, business, church or ministry. More often than not, PR activities focus on speaking or communicating targeted to select Christian media members.

Public Relations include communication with employees, affiliates, investors, partners, donors, sponsors and fundraisers.

Do you have a media story, community event, ministry announcements, or Christian products and services? It is proven that a company talked about in the media gets more sales and awareness than one that is not talked about. Online reputation management, credibility, and authority are important.

  • Press Release
  • Media Kit
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Proof of Piece

Kavod Creative Writing

It is my passion to write for God and about Him. I am writing with eternity in mind. I will never stop and get tired writing about God’s goodness, faithfulness, and loving kindness.

It does not seem like work when you write about who God is, who we are in Him and what He has destined for us to accomplish in our lifetime. I write best when it is about God, His Word, and His plans for you and me.

This is my way of expressing my heart and love for God and this is also the way for me to help my fellow Christians with their lives.

If you need an inspirational, motivational, Spirit-filled writing, or want to work with me to write the book you have in mind, then I’m here for you.

  • Devotionals
  • Articles
  • Prayer Articles
  • eBooks
  • Books
  • Book Reviews

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